A Revival of Hospitality .... with a Touch of Magic

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Today you can enjoy exquisite French inspired meals with friends and family (and your dogs) in our friendly and casually elegant bistro in the heart of West Hollywood. We have more free parking than seats, a cozy patio that is open all year, and a neighborhood bar that is welcoming and homey. Our friendly team is excited to welcome you. Here is our story.

WeHo Bistro was created in the summer of 2011. A bit by chance. A bit by magic. On the evening of June 9, 2011, I came to dinner with Jerry Teigen, for the first time, to the restaurant that preceded the bistro. The food was tasty enough, the staff was friendly and the location seemed ideal. But the establishment was missing something essential. So on a whim, and at a crossroads in our own lives, we decided to buy the restaurant that very night. We thought that we could give this corner the heart and soul that was missing. The business also needed a strong connection to the neighborhood that it would serve. So we named our new restaurant WeHo Bistro. WeHo to embrace our community. And Bistro to convey our French flair.

Neither of us had much restaurant experience. So before reopening, we read a few books and even took a class on restaurant management. But we quickly realized that if we were going to run our new business the way ‘you’re supposed to’ to make money, we were going to be miserable. The norm was overbearing management, constant staff turnover, and a perpetual race to cut costs in order to make more profits. And although that was the recommended path to success, it most often lead restaurants to fail. So we decided to try the opposite approach. We decided to run our bistro in a way that reflects our principles and our style.

First and foremost, we invest in our team. A restaurant is about people, and most of our staff, both in the kitchen and in the dining room, has been with the bistro since we opened. Second, we focus on quality ingredients. That way our food is always fresh and consistently delicious. And most importantly, we focus on listening to our guests. Our motto, HOW CAN I HELP YOU, applies equally among our team as it does with our guests.

And to add a touch of magic, in October 2018, we won a full liquor license in a special state raffle. Our new bar opened in March 2019.

So welcome to WeHo Bistro.

Whether you are looking for a perfect place for a blind date, a place to entertain friends or family, a neighborhood place to call home, or a place to gather your customers to launch a new product, we will strive to make your moment with us sparkle.

WeHo Bistro West Hollywood French restaurant's owner, Jeff Douek

– Jeff Douek, Owner